Aug 10, 2016

The following was sent to us by a fellow Major. It's a bit late, but I encourage anyone who knew Mr. Skinner to send along a card.

Hello Majors. This is Nardos King, former Principal of Mount Vernon. I talked to Mr. Skinner today and he is having some health issues and he was down about it. I was hoping that each of you would do me a huge favor. He will turn 91 years old on July 15th. Would you please send him a birthday card? Mr. Skinner loves to hear from alumni and I know receiving many cards would boost his spirit. His address is:

Michael Skinner
5904 Mount Eagle Dr. Apt. 903
Alexandria VA 22303

You do not need to wait until the 15th. Let's cheer him up now. Thanks for your consideration. Remember Once a Major........ Always a Major!

Nov 29, 2008

Welcome to our latest redesign! All the features you've come to know and love are still here--we've just added a clean new face to the site.

Jun 29, 2006

New Feature: We now have a feature to notify reunion coordinators when someone registers for the appropriate graduating class. If you are reunion coordinator, make sure you send information to the Zookeeper so we can keep the Reunions page updated.

Jun 07, 2005

No news is good news, I guess. It's amazing to see that MVGrads is now so automated that I haven't needed to post any news here for over 5 years! We're up to a little over 4,400 registered alumni now, with no end in sight.

May 17, 2000

Attention WebTV users: based on feedback from alumni using WebTV and information provided by, we've discovered that the WebTV browser may not be able to use our search and registration forms correctly. WebTV introduced an upgrade on May 11 which should address these issues. If you use WebTV, please make sure your service is using the latest version.

May 02, 2000

Many of you have received e-mail advertisements (SPAM) from a company called The Digital Yearbook. It appears this company grabbed e-mail addresses from our site without permission, and their e-mails do not meet required e-mail advertising guidelines. As such, we have warned them not to repeat this behavior.', 'Please be aware that does not sell contact information. Because of the open nature of our site, companies that want to engage in illegal behavior can collect e-mail addresses. This does not make what they do legal, and we will continue to do our best to prevent recurrences.', 'Finally, you should be aware that The Digital Yearbook and another company,, engage in a rather misleading marketing strategy. They advertise free registration, which suckers you into putting your information on their site, thinking you'll get information about classmates. However, the free registration only provides you with access to a list of NAMES that have registered for your school. In order to get contact information, you have to pay for an "upgraded" account. encourages you to avoid these sites; they're just out to make a buck.', 'As always, if you have suggestions for improvement, drop us a line.

May 01, 2000

It's been a few months in the making, but our new site design is finally finished. Hopefully the new design makes it easier to get around the site. Let us know how you like it, and what else we can do to help you find stuff!

Oct 15, 1999

The MVHS Alumni Registry completes its move to This site is now our permanent home, thanks to the generosity of Majors all over the world. Way to go, gang! Watch for our new look, coming soon to this site.

Aug 01, 1999

Margaret Hamilton, Class of 1982, is now our Assistant Zookeeper. No doubt we'll be benefitting from her contributions. Thanks, Margaret!

Jul 06, 1999

Help us establish a permanent home for the Alumni Registry, complete with our own domain name! Details and progress reports are on the Support the Registry page.

Jun 04, 1999

There is now an option on the registration form for the Alumni Registry Newsletter, our monthly e-mail update. You can choose to be included or excluded from the mailing list by checking or unchecking the box.

Jan 27, 1999

Our control interface has changed to provide smoother access to the "guts" of the site, and to present a classier look for Majors and visitors alike. We hope you enjoy it.

Oct 15, 1998

The Registry has gone fully automated! Along with our new 'look and feel', we've implemented a site that takes advantage of ColdFusion programming to give you a whole new experience. Have fun, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Aug 06, 1998

There's now an Updated date included in each registration record. This will tell you when someone last udpated their information.', 'The registration form has been redesigned to look better on smaller screens. You should no longer need to scroll horizontally if you are working on a 640x480 screen.

Jul 01, 1998

We've added a Broken Addresses page to the site. This shows names of folks who have registered but whose e-mail addresses are no longer active (as of the last newsletter). Click on the Lost button to check the list and help us keep current.

Jan 01, 1998

The Faculty Registry is now online! If you know current or former MVHS faculty members, please tell them about the Registry. We've had strong support for the idea of allowing faculty members to register so we can keep in touch.', 'The addition of the Faculty Registry means some minor rearrangement of the site. The Alumni Registration Form can now be found by clicking on Alumni, then clicking on the Register button at the top of the page. The Faculty Registration Form is in a similar location, found by following the Faculty and Register buttons. Class lists and the faculty list can be viewed by clicking on Browse on their respective pages.', 'We've also added a page counter to get an accurate representation of how many of you are stopping by on a monthly basis.', 'Finally, we've added a link to Microsoft's Internet Explorer to give everyone an opportunity to download a browser that will take advantage of our new features. While we're doing our best to make sure the site looks great to both IE and Navigator, we can't make guarantees. Most of the form responses we're getting are through IE, so we've provided the link. Please don't shoot the piano player...

Nov 01, 1997

The MVHS Home Page has moved to a Fairfax County Public Schools server. Since the Alumni Registry is maintained by a nonemployee of FCPS, our pages are staying with Worldweb until our account expires in 1998. If you know of any Web host that would like to donate Web space to the Registry, please e-mail the Zookeeper.

Jul 01, 1997

The Alumni Registry is now based on a semi-automated Microsoft Access database. Entries are posted, usually once a day in the morning, by a program that reads your registration form data.